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LionsRoad also offers you Tulsa wedding rentals and event rental services for most of your lighting, AV and Audio needs. These are the same services you can book at the best rates under our DJ and packages, with the same top-quality equipment and service. You can choose these a-la-carte, or ask for a custom quote. Pricing and availability is subject to change, depending on the date and time of your event. Here are the typical services and pricing for prime-time events:


Uplighting $150 (per wall)
Transform the look and feel of your reception with our uplighting. As one of the first companies in Tulsa to incorporate this, we are highly experienced in creating an unforgettable atmosphere at any venue. This is much easier and budget-friendly than taking on the decoration yourself, plus the lights can be customized to mach your wedding colors, or any other color or your choice. The lights can also go to the beat of the music, and provide fantastic lighting effects for the dancing portion of your reception.

Each add-on includes: 4 LED Light-strips (equivalent to 8-10 can-lights), customized to your wedding colors, thanks to wireless DMX technology. These lights are also available in white, and battery operated, to avoid the messy look of wires.

Custom Gobo $200
This Light will display your Names, Initials, Date, a Custom Monogram matching your invitations, or an original design. Our team of designers will create the gobo design for you, and our DJs will set them up to project on the dance floor, over the cake table, and on any other surface of your preference.
Pin Spots (x4) $150
Pin Spots are the perfect way to highlight your cake, center pieces and table decor. These lights are wireless and battery operated, plus they use a magnetized base that allows us to put them virtually anywhere, so you don’t see cables or much more than the gorgeous effect on the tables. Each add-on includes 4 pin spots fixtures.
2 Private Dance Lessons $100
One thing that makes LionsRoad very unique is the fact that we offer you ballroom and Latin dance lessons, taught by the owners of the company. After teaching thousands of people how to dance, and creating dance communities such as the Salsa Nation, we have designed a very easy and fun system to teach you how to look your best on the dance floor in just a few lessons. It also way great time to get to know you, which is what we really love about our job!

Each add-on includes: 2 Private dance lessons. The lessons last about an hour, and there are no limitations on how many people can participate. It may be just the two of you to work on your first dance, or your whole family and wedding party, to work on the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, grand intro, or even a flash mob!

Live Dance Lessons $200
Spice up your reception with live dance lessons! This exclusive entertainment service brings your guests together on the dance floor to learn any of your favorite line dances (cha cha slide, cupid shufle, the wooble…) or even unique dance steps (Salsa, Merengue, Samba, and more). If you want a night to remember, this is one amazing way to get it!
Projection System $150
We can provide you with a projector, DVD player (or laptop connector, if requested), and a 100″ screen. That is everything you need to entertain your guests with a slideshow at the location of your choice, during the reception or ceremony. Our recommendation is to loop the slideshow during dinner time, so that everyone has a chance to watch your slideshow at least once. When making the slideshow, it is best if you make a playable DVD without a menu, so that it loops automatically.

Slideshow Production $150
We will scan and edit all your pictures, and make a slideshow that you get to keep afterwards (as a DVD). We recommend preparing 120 pictures, split into ~40: bride growing up, ~40: groom growing up and ~40: bride and groom together.
Custom Songs / Studio Time $50/hr
Since we are one of Tulsa’s premier recording studios, we offer you the opportunity to use those services for any part of your big day. Custom Songs are professionally mixed tracks that combine multiple music selections for events like your Processional, Grand Intro, or First Dance, where you may want multiple songs to smoothly fade into the next, while keeping the same tempo and feel. Another popular use of this service is for you or any musician in your wedding to come in and prerecord music that you would like to surprise your fiance or parents with, featuring the professionally mastered performance of any song you would like to dedicate to them. Save the stress of performing live at your wedding, plus get a professional product that you and your family can keep forever!
Live Streaming $200
If a lot of your friends or family members couldn’t make it to the wedding, we can help you stream a live video feed of all the events of your big day anywhere in the world. We will send you a secure link that you can share with them. They will be able to watch live or revisit the footage for a few weeks afterwards.
Fog Machine $150
Enhance the lighting effects by using fog in the dance area!
Ceremony Sound & Music $250

With this add-on, we provide you with a second sound system for your ceremony, to eliminate downtime between ceremony and reception. We will take care of all the music downloads, miking the minister, and mixing all the music live so that you don’t have to wait for a whole song to play, or run out of music before the next part of the procession. We will also provide you with an extra mic for a reader or musician, if requested. If you have more than one musician, we recommend adding our Musicians’ Amplification add-on.

Remote Sound System $200
Have the same or a different playlist/feed for a different room of your venue. Ideal for overflow and cocktail hour rooms.
Ceremony Power $200
Sometimes, rustic weddings mean no electricity, or hundreds of feet of extension chords to get sound and music for your ceremony. Well, LionsRoad can make it easy to have your ceremony virtually anywhere, with this add-on. We can provide you with up to 70 minutes of electricity for sound and music, without the need for noisy generators. This add-on is required if your ceremony site is more than 200′ from a working outlet.
Musicians Amplification $150
If you have multiple musicians at your ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception, we will bring all the necessary equipment to amplify them. This is best for outdoor weddings or venues where the acoustics make it challenging for musicians to be heard properly. Also, if you have instruments that are louder than others, amplifying all the musicians allows us to give your guests a better experience by balancing the sound mix.

Premium Rental Services

Some of our rental services require a much larger involvement of time and man-power, so we have created a separate category for them, as “premium rentals,” to make it easier to quote. Here is a list:

Marquee Letters $300-$500

These lighted marquee letters will be a great hit with all your guests! Imagine these 5-foot tall letters, spelling “Love,” “Mr & Mrs,” your initials, or the word of your choice on the dance floor. We produce these in-house, so with enough time, we can make anything you can imagine to achieve an amazing effect at your event. These are also available for company events and private parties.

Dance Floor - $650 (20x20)

We don’t just pack the dance floor, we can bring the dance floor to you too! If your venue does not have a good floor, or you simply want to have a vintage touch with a white dance floor,we can be your one-stop shop for the party. We take care of the delivery, installation, cleanup and pickup. All you have to worry about is dancing the night away! A typical installation includes a 14’x14′ Dance floor. For a different size just make sure to let us know.

Bistro Lighting $300 (200lft)
Let us decorate your dance floor, ballroom, tent, or the area of your choice with bistro lighting! These are strands with 1.5″ frosted bulbs that we install and breakdown for you. It doesn’t matter if there is a structure or not, we can make your reception or ceremony picture perfect with a vintage touch! A typical installation covers a 20’x20′ area, and it can be any shape or pattern.
Twinkle Light Ceiling / Curtains - Custom Quotes
This may be the most magical of all our add-ons! We can bring a full canopy of twinkle lights to the area of your choice. These are best over the dance floor or the ceremony, but depending on your venue, we may be able to transform your whole reception area. We can also make custom shapes with the twinkle lights, such as curtains or ropes. A free consultation is recommended for this service. Contact us today!
Full Band Audio Setup - Custom Quotes
Bands are a great form of entertainment, but sometimes they lack the expertise as the master of ceremonies for the evening. At LionsRoad, we have a background in concert lighting and sound, so if you are working with a band, we can help you with all their sound needs, on and off the stage, plus you get all the benefits of our DJ services to enhance the entertainment for the evening. Available for live Ceremony and/or Reception Performances.
Afterparty / Rehearsal Party $300
The party is not over! Give yourself and your close friends a treat by having a private after-party, or a great rehearsal dinner. We bring the music and great entertainment that you already know to any location of your choice after your reception, or even before the wedding, for your rehearsal dinner. This includes sound and DJ services for up to 3 hours, so you can end the night with style and a party to remember!
The Flashmob $300
Surprise your guests and family with a flash mob! We will help you, your wedding party and any number of your friends prepare to wow the crowd with a choreography. We also help you on the music side of things by producing a custom song that fits the choreography and style of your choice. There is nothing like a flash mob to create a great party atmosphere and synergy on the dance floor!
Dancing On The Clouds $300
Create the picture perfect for your first dance, or any of the formal dances with our “Dancing on Clouds” effect. A specialty fog machine creates low-lying fog from dry ice that fills the dance floor, and takes your first dance to a whole other level. Since we use dry ice for this effect, you don’t have to worry about sticky dance floors, or smoke detectors. The effect lasts for a couple songs, and dissipates without leaving a trace.

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