At LionsRoad, we provide you with premium music and video production services for projects of any size. Everything from recording, mixing and mastering, to on-location recording, live events, concert lighting and sound services. This is your new media department, a multimedia powerhouse ready to serve you and blow your mind! Let’s get started on your next hit. Contact us today!


  • Protools 10
  • Waves Mercury Bundle
  • Auto-Tune
  • Celemony Melodyne
  • Adobe CS6 Premiere, After Effects, Audition… Full Creative Suite.


  • Custom-built Quad-core 3 Ghz tower, 16Gb DDR3 Ram, 16tB Storage, Nvidia MB and GPU, on a dual monitor display. BOXX Tech Tower, 4core @ 3Ghz as hdd shadowing and backup system.
  • 3 M-Audio Profire 2626 Interfaces linked together, for a total of 26 Input Channels of simultaneous recording,  and 26 Outputs sending custom monitor feeds with custom mixes.
  • M-Audio Project Mix I/O with motorized faders, great tool for the mixing and mastering process.
  • Mackie MR8 and MR5 Studio Monitors.
  • Mics: Audio-Technica AT4047 Condenser Microphone (Amazing on vocals, wind and acoustic instruments), Shure 57s, Shure Beta 52, Shure Beta 58s, etc.
  • Drums: 5pc Pearl with double pedal, custom cymbal setup and custom Latin percussion elements.
  • Multiple Amps for Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitar, and other instruments.
  • High-end Shure and Sennheiser Studio Headphones.
  • 32/8 32-Channel 150′ Snake for custom live and studio setups. Numerous custom built cables: XLR, 1/4″, Midi, etc.

Concert PA Equipment

  • Crown xTi 4000 power amplifiers
  • Yamaha MG 24/14fx 24 channel mixing console
  • JBL MRX Dual 18″ subs
  • JBL PRX 535 Powered Main Speakers
  • JBL PRX512M Powered Monitor Speakers
  • JBL PRX612M Powered Monitor Speakers
  • 24 x 8 Channel 100′ snakes
  • Juice Goose rack mount power supply
  • Lexicon MX200 digital effects processor
  • DBX Driverack PX powered speaker optimizer & RTA microphone
  • DBX 215 graphic equilizers
  • ART 343 dual 15 band equilizers
  • DBX 266XL compressor/gates
  • BBE 362 sonic maximizer
  • Shure Beta52a kick drum mic
  • Shure SM57 instrument mics
  • Audix F-90 condenser mic with self-mount drum clamps
  • Shure Beta 58 Mics
  • Shure Beta 58 and BodyPack Wireless Mics – SLX4 Receivers.
  • Sterling Audio Phantom Power Supplies
  • Par 38 Colored light trees
  • Misc Lights & Fog Machines